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Our production team strives to always put on visually-stimulating shows that add a touch of drama to any performance. We are proud to be equipped with haze machines and pyrotechnic-like fog geysers to compliment any event's light show!

Special Effects: Services
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In order to see a programmable light show come to life, an event must have haze or light fog in the air. Haze is released into the air from a machine, creating a medium through which light rays and beams can go through it. When light hits haze particles suspended in the air, the audience is able to see sharp beams and rays of light during a performance. Haze adds a dramatic effect to any stage!


Make a bold statement during a DJ or band's performance using our pyrotechnic-like, water-based fog geysers. Upon detonation, these powerful fog machines blast a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog lit with your favorite colors. These vertical fog machines add a unique touch of drama to any spectacle.

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