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Falconi Event Productions is proud to be equipped with professional lighting solutions to cater to both small and large event venues. We offer high-performance moving head lights, wireless uplighting, stage lighting fixtures, and LED panels for all occasions.

Event Lighting Technology: Services


With the accessibility to 90 and 260 Watt moving head lights, our team will make sure to use the necessary intelligent lighting systems to illuminate your stage or dance floor! Every event that utilizes our moving head lights includes an on-site lighting engineer who will make sure to program every part of the light show and synchronize it to the beat of the music.


Wireless ballroom uplights illuminate venue space columns, corners, trusses, portraits and any other objects that need special lighting. All of our uplights last anywhere from 12-16 hours on a full charge. Upon delivery, our production team will set the uplights to the color of your choice. We offer 12 or 24 uplighting sets for 24-hour rental periods.


On-stage lighting fixtures are essential during performances or concerts to illuminate DJs or musicians. Our company is equipped with programmable, non-blinding LED lighting fixtures that can be placed either from below or above the performers. We lit stages well so that all performers are the center of attention in the event.


When arranged in parallel or stacked, LED panels can form giant displays that display images, graphics or presentations to visually stimulate the audience. Our LED panels are programmed and controlled by the on-site lighting engineer to compliment any lighting show or event. 

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