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Special Effects: Services

Vinyl Wrapped Dancefloor with Logo

Our production and design team customizes and assembles dancefloors based on the dimensions requested, the number of guests in attendance and the special designs to be displayed for corporate and private events. Vinyl wrapping can be requested with or without logos and can be adhered to existing flooring as long as its a hard and non-slippery surface. All our dancefloors will be sure to mark and define a designated area for dancing and create a lasting impression when guests enter the reception area!

Normal Dancefloor

Looking for something to create and establish a designated dancing area where there originally was none? Look no further and rent our wooden dancefloors! All dancefloors can be customized but usually come in 12'x12', 16'x16' and 20'x20' sizes. These dancefloors act as a base to adhere vinyl wrapping on them, or provide a stable platform for shows that are at a ground level. These are sure to impress your guests!

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